10 Funny Reasons To Love Cardio

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how is your week so far? In the previous post we discussed about Exercise and TimeΒ and we finally realized that quality is more important than time. So you can have a rocking workout in less time than you think. Hooray!

Today’s post is all about cardio but from a different point of view. I know that you suffer only with the idea of one hour cardio, but I am sure that you totally agree that it is necessary. If weightloss and improving your cardiovascular system don’t convince you, here are 10 funny reasons that will make you run to the treadmill.


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  1. After 1 hour Cardio (ok 20 minutes) you feel like Calisi from the Game of Thrones – You have the power to destroy everything.
  2. You spend so much time thinking, that you finally realize that the sock you are missing felt under the Washing machine one month ago.
  3. You do not want to be the first one to die when the Zombie Apocalypse comes to town.
  4. At least you will not eat the time you will do your cardio and for sure not two hours after it – because you will be dead or sleeping or just lying on the gym floor catching for breath.
  5. There is always a possibility to meet your dream boy or dream girl.
  6. To feel like a Hamster.
  7. You will never be late again for your lecture, meeting, work, appointment because you can run faster.
  8. To treat yourself after it! ( not with food !)
  9. To sing, when you finish, ” Yeeeaaah Baby” like Fetty Wap.
  10. To take a sexy, sweaty selfie after it and show the world that, ”Yes!”, you love cardio.

And if you hate running forever on a treadmill or just need a motivation to add cardio in your workouts here is my

”10 Day Cardio Challenge”

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