5 Funny Ways To Keep You Fit On Christmas

5 Funny Ways To Keep You Fit On Christmas #blog #blogger #blogging #2activelab #fitnessblog #christmas #weight #health #diet #christmas2015 #howtobefitonchristmasHey my 2activelabers,

how is your week so far?Enjoying Christmas mood?Hope so!Today’s post is how you can stay fit and survive all the food and sweet attacks on your holidays.As you figured out I love to approach things in a different way and maybe not so normal.If somebody told me that I had to stay away of all the delicious food and continue my strict workout program on holidays I wouldn’t probably do it.So boring!Appart from being super fit and well shaped the best thing in life is to enjoy life.I follow this in pretty much everything in my life,I always try to find ways that will make me happier and still one step closer to my goal.So here is a different point of view on how to keep fit on Christmas.



5 Funny Ways To Keep You Fit On Christmas #blog #blogger #blogging #2activelab #fitnessblog #christmas #weight #health #diet #christmas2015 #howtobefitonchristmas


5 Funny Ways To Keep You Fit On Christmas





1.Girlstime or Boystime

Now that you have more time to spend with your friends make the most out of it.For boys it is easy to burn that extra calories.When was the last time you played football or basketball with your mates.You will run,shout and release all the stress you had for months.Bingo!Girls now.Arrange a girls day and make it productive.Did you know that you will burn 200 calorie t straighten your friends hair.Well now know you know.Make each other the hair,nails,make up. Pretty and skinny.



smoked salmon canapé and glass of champagne




Now it’s time to clean your house and your belongings.Did you know that half an hour hovering will burn 250 calories?Wow!You can also check what clothes  or what electric devices you don’t need  any more and give them away.Also washing the dishes and cooking for your friends and family can be a very fat burning activity.If this is not enough make your Christmas presents by yourself!







And party more.How can two more cocktails harm you when you dance all night?Dancing is in the top 3 of the best cardio workouts.Plus you will have fun , laugh a lot and your friend will love you.So wear your best dancing outfit and prepare yourself for the best party nights!!!






4.Be the best of the best nannies

Spend more time with the little ones.It doesn’t matter if they are your kids or your sisters or from the neighborhood.With kids you can only have fun and live the Christmas mood in a more Disney way.Run with them , play sports , dance , sing , play hide and seek – it is part of the game and you will be the adults hero.





5.New year New you

Now that you have more time do something for yourself that will keep you active.Learn pole dancing , twerk or try a new gym class – like the spinning class you always wanted to try but never had the chance to.Or if you are a boy and don’t fancy that learn how to renew your old bicycle or motorcycle or clean your car.By cleaning your car you will burn at least 400 calories per hour.Not bad at all to keep you fit!



I hope that these tips will keep you fit and happy on your Christmas holidays!What are you planning to do to keep you fit?

xoxo Kalliope