10 Life Saving Tips When It Comes To Gym And Personal Grooming

The gym should be for sure the last place where anyone should worry about personal grooming and appearance, but unless you have a personal gym lots of people will see you and smell you :-).

If you still don’t care about your look keep in mind that a bad odour or hair remainings on the bench when you are done with your exercise, can leave you with some uncomfortable moments that you don’t want to experience for sure.

Many men, if not most of them, have no idea when it comes to personal grooming. So here is the Ultimate Grooming Guide with 10 life saving tips when it comes to personal grooming and the gym.


10 Life Saving Tips To Personal Grooming

Manage Your Hair

Cut your hair regularly and keep also your neck and ears clean. Wash your hair after your workouts or at least once per two days.

More Hair…

Trim your nose hairs, eyebrows and pubic hair.

Chest Hair

Girls may be very pleased if you only take your shirt off but a well presented chest is always a plus one.


Keep your nails short and clean. It will not only be helpful when you play with the barbell, but imagine you have to show your fingers and your nails are covered with dirt. If you find it difficult to deal with long fingernails, you can have your nails done once or twice per month.


Same here. Long nails will cause you pain during your cardio and heavy lifts.


Wash your face after the workout to avoid a break down. Don’t use the same soap you use for your body for your face. There are plenty of man friendly facial soaps. A visit to to your nearest shopping center will prove me right.


Your smile is the part of your face that takes the most attention. Everyone loves a clean and nice smile. Wash your teeth 15′ after your meals ( this will help also bad mouth odour ) and visit your dentist twice per year for a check up.


You don’t like messy hair, but the gym is not the right place to achieve the perfect hair style with tons of products. You will sweat and everything will run into your eyes. Prefer pomade or wax!


Clean and well fitted clothes are essential. Not only for you ( imagine training with the same shirt for 3 days ) but also for the people that will run next to you on the treadmill.


You definitely want to smell nice and fresh but don’t overdue it. A heavy fragrance may ave the same results as a bad odour.


You can use those 10 tips also if you are not a gym fanatic, but want to look amazing in your daily life.

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