1000 Squat Challenge

What do you mean 1000 squats??? 1000, 1000, 1000

I don’t know if it is easy or difficult for you but I am so proud. I completed 1000 squats in 21-22′. How it started?

It was like those days you feel everything is pointless and boring. The same routine, the same people, the same music, the same smell. So it just popped in my mind while I was doing my typical barbell squats. What if I did 1000 squats? Can I do that? And that was it. Challenge accepted!

I love taking challenges. It makes my blood flow, my heart beat and my adrenaline levels reaching the sky. Since now I won almost every challenge I took. No I am not superwoman I just know my power and if I can do something. So I compete in a safe way. The outcome is the same. You feel like you can conquer the world – stronger than ever. After the challenge you feel more confident and this feeling will stay in your body for a long time.

Why is that so important? For me confidence is the key for everything. I remember a very close friend that couldn’t even make a phone call for a job interview, during the time that happened she had been through many disappointments and her ego was struggling to breath. My point is that our mental being is what leads our physical. I don’t suggest taking all the challenges on earth to raise your self-assurance, but I think a small everyday reminder of what you are capable of will make a huge impact on your life.

Let’s watch this video now!

1000 Squat Challenge



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