5 Big Mistakes Man Do When It Comes To Weightloss

Hello my sunshines,

I am too lazy on Mondays lately! So Tuesday is my day! If you follow me for a while, you know that I am currently in Greece enjoying the warm weather, the sea, family and friends.

Even if I had to visit my hometown 7 months nothing has really changed. My biggest shock was when I saw my father. My father suffers from obesity since I can remember myself. No matter how hard we tried to convince him to lose some weight he didn’t listen. Whoever thinks that obesity is just a problem that can be solved with only a diet, is totally wrong!

Obesity is an illness that needs psychological help and a big support from family and friends. But my father made it! And I am really proud of him! This post is an inspiration from his journey! Let’s see what are the 5 biggest mistakes man do when it comes to weightloss…


Lots of men are making at least one of these five big mistakes when trying to lose weight. Do you?


1. You Don’t Know How To Cook.

It never seemed important, so you didn’t learn how to cook, though you have managed to figure out how to use the microwave. You end up eating too much salty, processed and tasteless frozen food. What do you see when you open the refrigerator? A shelf full of beer and power drinks? Do you have the local pizza shop magnet on the outside?Β 

2. Size Does Matter.

It is essential to control your portion size if you want to lose weight. Realize that the big bowl of pasta at your favorite Italian restaurant could feed an entire family. Or maybe you are not eating enough food because you believe that starving yourself will lead to quick weight loss. Portions that are too big or too little will not support your weight loss.

3. Bad Attitude.

When you look at dieting as a sort of punishment for that hamburger and french fries that you ate you end up with a bad attitude. Why would you want to punish yourself? As a child you tried to avoid punishment whenever possible. Don’t start now. Instead, of looking at your diet as depriving yourself, look at it as rewarding yourself with better health and energy. A better attitude will go a long to motivate you to stay on track.

4. Giving Up.

Weight loss doesn’t happen right away. It takes time and it’s normal to have setbacks. If you have a night of pizza and beer, don’t feel like you have completely fallen off the diet wagon. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and forgive yourself. Keep the big picture in mind and don’t give up.

5. Unrealistic Expectations.

You dream of a sculpted body with six-pack abs. You want to look like an action hero or Olympic athlete. While you may want a perfect body… and who doesn’t… it’s not likely to happen. Set realistic goals and remind yourself of them daily.

For a realistic goal, include more than just a number on a scale. Decide what you want to look like and more importantly figure out how you want your life to be different. Create an image in your mind of what it will look like. Will you be able to play ball with your kids? Walk up the stairs without straining? Have better posture and appear more confident?

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