5 Essentials For The Perfect Outfit Every Man Should Know

I remember the last time I went to a men’s clothing store, fascinated of the large comfy screeming sweatshirts and T-shirts, the unique colors and the minimal style. As fashion experts would say, male clothes are not as simple as they look like. The hidden details and the unexpressed messages make them unique and difficult in styling at the same time. That is why we don’t get really angry when our spouse doesn’t exactly know how to dress, but we will get really impressed when we meet someone that knows how to be stylish.

Most men find it difficult to combine the right clothes or even understand what suits them more. ”Fashion is supposed to be a woman’s thing”, they say and they continue live their lives with their boring baggy clothes.

Appearance is everything wether we like it or not. It is a plus one for a job interview, a plus one for a date, a plus one for important events and a plus one in general. Actually men’s clothes are way cheaper for the quality they provide in contrast to women’s clothes. And last but not least, a man doesn’t need tons of dresses, shirts, skirts, crop tops etc.

What a man needs are some basic Men’s clothing essentials  that can be easy to pick by following these 5  tips.


5 Essentials For The Perfect Outfit Every Man Should Know

Pick The Right Shoes

Your shoes are what you are. The quality and the present situation of your shoes is often combined with the financial situation of a man. Yes, a woman can probably wear something cheaper and still look flawless but with men it is totally different. Men need maximum three pair of shoes: fitness, business and for social events. So you don’t need a lot of money to support this. If you are not good or confident in buying shoes prefer more safe and classy options. Black, white, camel or brown are the safe colors to go.

Shirts, Shirts and more Shirts

The secret here is to find the right fitting shirt. Once you find it you never let it go. Try a few brands according to your budget and test the fit. Look at yourself from different angles, if you like what you see it should be the right one. A shirt should perfectly fit on your shoulders and should be 1 inch lose on your body. Buy this type of shirt in different colors and you are fine for the next 3 years.

What A T- Shirt Reference

Yes we notice everything and an eye catchy t-shirt will get our attention. I felt instantly in love when my date wore a t-shirt that had a whole story on it. Plus it was a good way to break the ice. If you find it difficult to pick the right t-shirt. Normal colors like black, white, cream, grey, brown or blue are preferred.


”Watch” Out

Yes, a nice and not necessary expensive watch is the key to our heart and your success. A watch shows instantly that you are a powerful man, that takes responsibilities and holds his word.


It may be a belt, a hat, a scarf or a nice handbag. Anything that you feel comfortable with and can make you differ from the other ”boys”. These little details show how much you care about your personal appearance. If you can respect and treat yourself in high standards it is more likely you can treat a woman the same way or at least appreciate her style :-).


How do you pick your clothes? Do you agree with those 5 essentials?

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