5 Must Visit Fitnessblogs

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Friday today and it is time for little inspiration.There are many blogs and sites you can visit to get free fitness and health tips but after years and a lot of searching here are my top 5 fitness blogs.They inspired me and helped me to begin my own.Let’s have a look of these amazing fitness blogs…


It’s an extremely effective low-cost workout solution –the videos are posted for free and you need minimal equipment- and I think it’s what helped me bust through my own workout plateau.Also Lisa Marie the bodyrock girl looks great.You have to try it.




Susana is the trainer who inspired me the most.The way she explains every exercise and her workouts are great.Furthermore, her diet tips and healthy living proves that nothing is impossible.




Nicole is a fit girl with real passion, visit her blog to find out the whole story – she deserves a clap.Easy everyday workouts and health tips – everything you need.



4.Born Fitness

Adam Bornstein delivers a no-bullsh*t approach to exercise and nutrition on Born Fitness with posts examining topics ranging from which meal plan is healthiest to why workouts shouldn’t be miserable to judging others by their appearances. Regardless of your fitness level, his words will make you stop and think in addition to providing the tools you need to power up your workouts, fuel your body right, and feel better than ever.



5.Girls Gone Strong

Spend just a few minutes on the self-declared “women’s fitness authority,” and you’ll see why the description is totally appropriate. No three-pound dumbbells here—Girls Gone Strong features workout tips for women who are into legit strength training. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or just reinvigorate your workout routine, you’ll find all the advice, encouragement, and support you need here. We also love reading the profiles of kick-ass women who are killing it in their athletic endeavors—like an inspiring triathlete or a personal-trainer-slash-naturopathic-doctor.




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