The Vintage Or Antique Fever

The Vintage or Antique style becomes every year more and more popular. Many more places with vintage clothing and even furniture are popping up. You can see that the most famous fashionistas and designers crave for ”unique” and ”different” pieces they combine with either classy minimal clothes or even more unique pieces and create an extravagant outfit that every Vogue publisher would kill for.

Ancient Greek and Roman style was featured at least once in the most popular fashion shows in the world.

Fashion has become more than an art these days and designers are traveling back to history and recreate ancient dressing habits.

Wether we like that kind of style or not, we cannot deny that these masterpieces are not just clothes or jewellery, there is a whole history that lies behind them. You can feel their presence, the history, their glory! Not exactly the same feeling when you wear an H&M necklace.

Antique jewellery may be a little bit more expensive, like everything precious, than ”normal” jewellery but they are totally worth it to buy.

Here are 5 occasions where a Vintage Jewellery is a must have.


5 occasions where a Vintage Jewellery is a must have

Engagement Rings

It is one of the most important moments of someone’s life. Finding the love of your life is hard enough, the best way to celebrate that is with a meaningful ring that will remind you every day that this was the best choice of your life.


The same in this situation. You would buy an expensive present either way, so why not buy something special and different that will be useful in the future and can pass easily from generation to generation. It’s glory will not fade away.



Someone becomes officially an adult in his life once. So how beautiful is it to give a vintage jewellery as a present to your precious daughter, grand daughter or even to your sister.

Special Occasions

Like graduation, a dream job or pregnancy. At the end jewellery is a girls best friend.

To Invest Money

Ok, you are willing to buy something expensive for someone, why not invest in it? Antique jewellery get more value as the time passes. Or you have some spare cash? ( lucky you! )As bizarre as it may sound, investing in a unique jewellery that will get more precious as the time goes by is a good choice that you will definitely appreciate in the future.

What do you think about the Vintage Jewellery?

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