Zumba Warm Up – MM 52 – La Vida Es Una Fiesta

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choreo day today! Ready to start your workout with a dance warm up? Yeahhh! This song is one of my favorite warm up’s. It is not so intense and this helps a lot if the class is a beginners class ( I am talking about a Zumba or Dance Class). Also it gives the body the time it needs to adjust safely in the workout. As I mentioned above you can use it for any workout as a warm up. I hope you enjoy it! But before you check out my video let’s see why warming up before exercise is so important.


5 Reasons To Warm Up Before Exercise

It prevents injuries by increasing the body temperature.

Warming up may reduce the likelihood of excessive muscle soreness.

Increases blood flow to exercising muscles. The more blood the easier the delivery of nutrients required for energy production.

Increases blood flow to the heart. More blood to the heart means a reduced risk for exercise-induced cardiac abnormalities.

After a warm up you feel more ready to exercise.

Β La Vida Es Una Fiesta MEGA MIX 52 - WARM UP

Zumba Warm Up – MM 52 – La Vida Es Una Fiesta



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