The Ultimate Fitness Guide For Beginners

Hello my newbies,

this post is especially for you who recently joined my fitness community and don’t know what to do and how to get started!It is a fitness guide for beginners.Read carefully and if you have any question I am here to support you,to motivate you and to help you support your goals!!!!


Now that winter is officially here there is an urgent need to start something new and exciting to do at your free time.You want something refreshing, healthy and challenging.Something that will change your whole lifestyle and will not only make you look better but also feel better.You promised yourself that New Years List would include the word ”fitness” in it but what when you don’t even now how to spell the word ”dumbbell”?No worries things are simple and easy with The Ultimate Fitness Guide For Beginners and you will learn step by step how to become a fitness freak in 5 steps.


Step #1 Not About Fashion

Of course you are stylish and of course you want to look fabulous and sexy all day long but this is different.The most important thing is to choose the best fitness clothes that will make you feel comfortable and ready to rock!If you are a bit of a nutshell then large hoodies,leggings and t-shirts with motivation logos is all you need.If you feel that motivation comes from outside wear your funkiest and most colorful clothes.If you are a diva style then don’t be afraid to adapt it on your fitness routine.The most important thing is to be yourself.


Step #2 It’s All About Shoes

Nike, Adidas, Mitsuno, Reebok – oh my God now you are confused. There are many types of shoes and for several uses. First of all, you have to buy a sports shoe (if you have one check it by reading below) even if you will train at home. Second, it is better to invest a few more bucks in it in order to prevent injury.Third, your feet have to feel super comfortable in it.Test it by doing some high knees and jumps.If your feet hurt then choose something else.And last but not least your sports shoe has to be the most suitable one for the kind of workouts you will do. If you will only run then buy a running shoe.If you will do high intensity workouts with many jumps or group classes or dancing classes ( like ZUMBA – AEROBIC ) then buy one with moulded sole and shock absorber.

Step #3 It’s Time
Β Now that you are dressed up and ready the first thing you have to do is to write down if you have any health problems , like heart problems,asthma,injuries,neck pain,back pain everything and also if you are taking a specific medicine.Ask your doctor what kind of workouts you are aloud to do and at the beginning be very careful and stay close to his instructions. It is much more easier if you go to a gym or hire a personal trainer (there are also many trainers that can help you via internet like me!). But if you cannot afford it then you have to be very careful and take it slow especially when you are doing workouts in youtube. It is better to spend more time to learn a move-exercise and then do the workout.
Step #4 The Workout Plan
Β You have to remember that a warm up and a stretching routine after the workout is essential.You need 5-10 minutes to warm up your body properly and 10-15 minutes to stretch all your muscles you worked with before.In a gym things are simpler your trainer will introduce you to all the machines and explain for what muscle type each machine is.
After that, you can make a program on your own or get a trainer to make it for you (this is better).If you do it alone keep it simple for the first 8 weeks and focus on your fitness goal.If your aim is to lose weight then add more cardio, if you want to shape up then do more weight training.The best choice for a good beginning is to do 50-50 so as to work both parts.Separate the muscle types per the times you will attend to the gym and you are ready and safe.
Furthermore, keep the sets low,the weight low and the repetitions high.You don’t wanna injury yourself.The best way for the first two weeks is to do 3 sets of 16 repetitions and use as much weight as you need to do all the repetitions. Now if you don’t have much time to go to a gym or not enough money or you prefer to train from the comfort of your own home then it is fine.There are many fitness experts with their own blogs and websites that provide free workouts for all fitness levels.Just remember to check the fitness level for each workout and to try the exercises first multiple times.You can do the same here – download the videos-exercises for each muscle type and make your program.It will be a nightmare at the beginning but after a few weeks you will love it.
Step #5 We Are What We Eat
Unfortunately fitness comes not alone but with new and healthy diet choices.With little internet searching you will be surprised of the healthy and delicious recipes you can find. All of us know what is a bad diet habit. Just avoid sugar,sweets,juices,bad carbohydrates and fat and add more vegetables,fruits,water,good fat,white meat,fish and seeds. Also avoid eating after 9 pm and keep your stomach full throughout the day with small and frequent portions.


This is The Ultimate Fitness Guide For Beginners and I hope you will have fun doing it step by step.For any questions make your comment and I will come back to you,

xoxo Kalliope