5 Funny Tips For Running

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well I can imagine your faces right now!I know what you are thinking (except you are a marathon lover) ”Running can’t be fun!!!!No way!!!!”. After so many years of working out I have found my ways to actually enjoy it, even if I have the ”I just wanna run only to my bed and sleep” mood.Apart from the awesome blogpost title there is more truth in it.If you have a positive attitude then you will always find ways to make your life better.The best thing you have to do is accept the facts , for example (I have to run 5 hours per week because I wanna loose weight”) and then make it happen…. how?Let’s see…


5 Funny Tips For Running


Ok for me it is fun don’t be critical!!! After the first ten minutes of running I have analyzed all my problems and fears, I have thought about the super sexy boy that looked at me at the bar last night and laughed with my friend’s last text message.Then I start getting bored and this is the time me and J.K.Rowling have something in common – fantasy!So yes I love making up stories or end my problems the way I want.Of course only happy ending.Apart from that you can also try singing , screaming (great for stress periods) , dancing with your hands only or working your upper body at the same time (for example by doing bicep curls without weight.Also weird sounds are fun too.




Well I am sure you have tried a lot of things to make time pass easier but have you tried different counting methods?Like counting to ten and then the way back.Then to twenty or sixty or 10 times sixty.Did you know that if you say ”onethousandone” it is actually one second long in time?Furthermore , try to avoid looking at your clock or try to be the clock for the next 5 minutes.And the best of all do HIIT training, for example do ten minutes jogging and then change your tempo every 1 minute or 30 seconds.Play with your timer and your speed – time will pass before you even realize it.


Ok that sounds not so fun but if you do it right you will be partying instead of running.Download the best party music or the music that makes you wild and listen to it.Your mood will be up and your body won’t stop moving.



It is good to have a fit buddy because he or she will support you, push you do harder and bla bla bla ….. NOOO take your craziest friend – yes the one you always love being around, the one you never stop talking and laughing, the one… ok and go out there.You will have a great time and not only you will burn calories but you will also do the best ab workout you have ever done (from laughing)!Just Perfect!



Didn’t you know this?The way you look affects your mood and specifically the way you dress up.Ok I see you don’t believe me but think about it.When you are without make up or with bad hair you don’t feel exactly WOW.Or think about the times you are wearing new fashion clothes.You feel like a Holywood Star.Now you got my point.Make your running hour your sexy hour.Take care about your make up , hair , clothes and who knows maybe you meet the love of your life!


What do you do to make running fun?

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