6 Habits For A Better Life

Hello 2activepeople I hope you are doing well,

today was a very difficult day and it was the reason I got inspired to write this post.

Every day I come in contact with many people because of my job and I notice that all of them are so into their routine and their problems that they forget actually to live the moment.They act as it is more important to get through the day and to get in bed than to live all the 24 hours.Therefor they are feeling stressed and miserable and sometimes even whithout hope.Well , life is to short to feel that way.Here are 6 antistress tips for you that will change your lifepath!!!!

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Wake up one hour earlier before your work so you have time to stretch a little bit in bed and get up not in panic.Have a shower , drink your coffee ,eat your breakfast and schedule your day while listening to your favorite music or tv show.Feel blessed for the upcomingday and smile.Be thankfull for all the things you have.Say Goodmorning to your neighboor or to the lady in the mini shop -chat a little bit and feel the energy inside you.Be sure that is gonna be a great day.


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I know you are busy , I know your day is full of obligations.But you have to find time for yourself and do your stuff.You love reading?Then read a book.You love being with your friends?Then do that.You love sitting in the couch and do nothing?Do it!!!Have in mind that whatever you have to do you will get the minutes?hour?hours? to relax and have fun.


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Look arround you , what do you see? Maybe you are in your office and everything is soooo boring.Change it!Buy a new cup for your coffee or a poster that inspires you.Put a picture of your family or your dog in your desk.Write down your favorite quote and change your mood.Take a break and have fun with your collegues-say a joke!Think of your job not only a way of earning money but an opportunity to be creative and show your skills.


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Maybe you always dreamed of taking a photography class or you love foreign Languages.Now is the right time to do it.If you think I don’t have the money or the time you are thinking wrong.Google your hobby in the internet you will find many ways to make your dream come true with or without money.The only thing that is getting you back is yourself.Go out there and live your dream,do what you love , do it well and who knows what will come next?I am pretty sure that only good things will happen to you!


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Schedule your week!Get an agenda and write down your appointmens,your meetings,your obligations,the time you go to the market,the time you go to visit your parents-EVERYTHING!It helps trust me!Now you won’t miss anything.And not only your to do things.Write down your thoughts,your dreams,the title of a book you die to read,a new song you heard on the radio,an upcoming event!And when you do something from the list write it off.It works like an invisible hand that push you to do those things!!!


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I know you want to do everything you have in your mind NOW!But that is not going to happen and you feel like you can’t do anything!Set your day-goal in the morning and do everything to achieve it!You will feel every day like a winner and the to do list we mentioned above will get smaller.


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