6 Reasons You Should Love Your Ex

Dear 2activepeople,

Helloooo and good morning people. Wednesday today and I hope that everyone is fine and full of energy. Today’s post is what about someone should do after a break up and why he or she should love their ex. It is very important to overcome a break up and to become a better person. It is obvious that sometimes it is difficult, due to the fact that it was someone you loved, bla bla bla…


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Let’s have a look, why you would be hotter without him/her.

  • You will have more time to work out. Indeed, we know that If you are in a relationship you will get some extra kilos, because of the hours that you stay with your beloved one in the couch. TRUE. But now, you will have time to work out and to become hot and of course healthier.


  • To love yourself. It is logical that sometimes you will bored to treat yourself as usual, because you want to gain some more  extra time with your -amore mi0-, but now you will have the appropriate time to do that and probably you will find a new one, different from your previous ex.


  • To become confident. Of course, If you treat yourself in a daily basis you will get your confidence and your self esteem back.


  • More time for parties. Don’t be shy, we know and all we did it. If you have a relationship, it is difficult to leave your boyfriend/girlfriend and to go out with your friends every week.Time is precious, but now you have plenty of it. So, enjoy it and have fun.


  • Time for hobbies. You will forget that when you were young, you had lots of hobbies, right? And then, you left them  because of college, university, work , boyfriend/girlfriend and so on the dream faded. It is your time to start over.


  • Time for some serious choices. Everything you dream, now it is the right time to do it. You don’t have anyone to hold you back. Think about what you really want to do, or want to become and make it real.


That’s all from me for today, I am waiting for your comments.

And just to remember that we should LOVE our ex.

Lots of love,

Lilian xxx