New Life New Dreams

Hey guys ,

long time without blogging!!!So many things happened…..I live in Wales now (yes!!!!crazy!!!) and I am officially a chemical engineering student.New life New Dreams!Life can be so weird sometimes.For me being a student again doesn’t mean anything.I have to continue doing my job and maybe after graduation I can mix those things.If you ask me a human being is constructed to  do many and different things at the same time.So if you have ever dreamed of something crazy – go for it!!!


After Summer Workout


Life in Wales is so different from Greece.First of all it is cold and outdoor training can be very difficult unless you wanna be sick every second week.Also the sun is too shy here and I cannot live without it!But people are so friendly , the beach is beautiful and my flat is next to it.


After Summer Workout


Yes I know that I changed my whole life and I won’t regret it.Life is too short to be afraid of changes – to be afraid to live.It is not about the destination – it is all about the trip.Live your dream – you will find the way!


After Summer Workout


Now that summer is officially over and we are trying to find our old rhythms, the need to something strong and effective is getting stronger.That’s why I am here to help you,xoxo! ”After Summer Workout” is almost a total body workout and it combines strength training and cardio.Let’s have a closer look ….


After Summer Workout

I am sure all of you have 6-7 minutes and compared to the results they are totally worth it.

4 exercises – 3 circles – 30” 0f max reps and 15” rest for each exercise – no rest between the circles

The Exercises

Spiderman Climb With A Reach (Scream) Go to the push up position and make sure your hands are under your shoulders and your back is in your natural position.Now step forward – keep your balance – and raise your opposite hand by rolling your core to the side.Then switch sides

After Summer Workout After Summer Workout After Summer Workout


Air Squat With A Mini Jump In Between Squat down – keep your back straight – and when you reach your squat position do a mini jump (without changing your body position).Now continue with the air squat by jumping up.

After Summer Workout After Summer Workout After Summer Workout After Summer Workout

Yogi Hop Lunges Lunge down, raise your hands and keep them parallel to the ground.Now turn them to the side and hop 3 times by changing your feet position.Switch side.

After Summer Workout After Summer WorkoutAfter Summer Workout After Summer WorkoutAfter Summer Workout

Calf Raises With Bodyweight Row Open your feet basin wide , don’t lock your knees and keep your back straight.Extend your hands  parallel to the ground.Now raise your calves and at the same time pull your hands engaging your back.

After Summer Workout After Summer Workout


The shooting was so difficult because it was so cold but as you can see I am a STRONG girl!!!

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I hope you liked the workout…let me know in the comments!