Juice PLUS+ Review

Hey guys, finally Friday uhhΒ my exams start this Monday and I am getting a panic attack every hour.It seems that studying at 26 is a difficult task, I should have a baby instead (Kidding!!!I hope my mum won’t see this!!!).Somewhere between studying and work I found some time to introduce you this wonderful company Juice […]

This Year Is My Year

”This Year Is My Year” , say it again , say it loud , say it to everyone , shout it , dream it , feel it , touch it and it will happen!Yes it will!We cannot predict the future , we cannot see it , but we can affect it!Release your most positive energy […]

The Ultimate Christmas Guide Part 2

Hello my 2activelabers, Merry Christmas- it is never too late!How are your holidays?I hope you are having the best time ever with family , friends or your beloved one. I took a week off!Me and my sister had a really good time eating , drinking (noooooo!) and enjoyed doing nothing!But now heads down – we […]

Art Yoga & Nature

Hello my 2activepeople, how was your weekend?Monday today!3 days before Christmas and 10 before 2016 arrives.Yupiii!No workout today but a little inspiration.You know the days that you are really bored and search the instagram for no reason!That’s how I found Crystal Bargholz and her rocking instagram page.It was obvious that she was posting Yoga poses […]