Do It Like An Angel

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welcome to motivation Friday.Today’s theme is heaven.And what are we supposed to see in heaven?Angels!Thank God we are still alive and the closest to an angel on earth is a  Victoria Secret’s model.So who don’t wanna look like that?If you ask me , I would kill for this body!Hopefully there are ways to achieve this without killing…xoxo.Let’s see how we can be fit like a Victoria’s Secret Angel…



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Do It Like An Angel


1.  Eat With Colors

You don’t have to be on a strict diet to be that skinny (Plus all of us know what is bad for our body and health)!The only thing you need to do is to make your meal your Happy Hour.Schedule your meals at the weekend and try to add more vegetables and fruit.Replace your favorite junk food with a colorful salad and your favorite chocolate with a fruit salad or a banana smoothie.Make your meals look like a party with different colors and size variations.Experts say that food satisfaction comes first from the eye and not from our stomach.




2.  Take A Challenge

Take a picture of yourself and challenge you to be like ….. whoever you want…. in …say….3 months.Dedicate yourself to stay to your program and keep taking pictures of your progress.Once you start seeing changes you won’t give up.Only the first two weeks will be tough.



Do It Like An Angel



3.  Change Train Personalities

If you get bored doing a specific program for a long time then DON’T do it.There are so many things to try Yoga , Pilates ,Dancing Classes ,Aerobic ,Fight Aerobic , Functional Training ,HIIT , Cross Training , Plyometrics and more.Try them all , see what suits you and keeps you motivated.It is even better if for example you are a yoga type to try the opposite like a TABATA Training it will rock your body and who knows?Maybe you like it more! says Adriana Lima’s trainer, Michael Olajide, Jr.




4.  Treat Yourself  The Star Way

It is wise once in a while to hire a personal trainer.He will help you to achieve your goals faster.Furthermore you will learn more things of what your body needs.Also he will keep you motivated during the workout and after.



Do It Like An Angel



5.  Love Water Fuel

Water ”The Elixir Of Life” says Alessandra Ambrosio. Your body functions better , your brain functions better , you feel better and your skin looks even better.So what are your excuses?Schedule your water fuel!Funny?Nope.If you can’t do it alone then download an app for it.I love ”Water Your Body for android”   and   ”waterlogged for iOS” !




6.  Be Dream addicted

”Have enough sleep!” says Andriana Lima. If you sleep only 3-4 hours per day then your body gets energy imbalanced and therefore your metabolism will get slower so as to keep functioning.So a good diet , the right exercise and enough sleep is everything you need.




7.  Do It The Cardio Way

Why Cardio?Well it is essential for your health.Your heart is a muscle too and if you don’t train it , it will become weak.That’s why you perform 3 easy exercises and your heart is bumping or you are walking up the stairs and feel like you will die.Also it is essential for your metabolism – the more intense the cardio session, the more noticeable increase you will see with regards to your metabolic rate. Sara Sampaio one of the new ANGELS prefers ”Shadow Boxing” apart from the big calorie burning she says that her stress flows away too.




8.  Make It Happen

Create your favorite playlist , buy new gym or running clothes , search for workout hairstyles……do whatever keeps you motivated and affects your workout mood in a pushing way.Or find a workout buddy , sometimes it is better with a friend !!! Also find motivation quotes and slogans that express you and post them on your social walls to remind you why you are doing this or on your fridge – that works also.The point here is to find what inspires you so as you won’t give up.


Do It Like An Angel



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Do It Like An Angel



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