Eleni Foureira – Sto Theo Me Paei – ZUMBA

Hey guys,

new Zumba choreo today.Long time without a Zumba video but as I mentioned on previous post this year will be legendary so get prepared.If you follow me for a long time or know me, then you know what dancing means to me.It is my way of expression, my way to be happy and focused.I dance everywhere – at work , uni , even if I do a personal training session!My energy is overwhelming sometimes but this is exactly the reason people love me and I am so glad for this.My purpose is to make YOU smile and love your body the way I do.Everyone is special , YOU are special so don’t be afraid to show who you really are.Don’t be afraid to try new things and DON’T be afraid to do what makes YOU happy!Many people especially before a class tell me that they don’t have coordination or that they are really bad in dancing.NO I can’t accept that!Everyone can dance in his own way and who am I to judge?I am here to make you have fun , release all your daily stress , dance like crazy and go home happy and full!

I know most of you don’t speak greek and no nothing about greek music but this song is so worth it!!!!This choreo is based on the original videoclip and I love it!If you are a Zumba Instructor and want to spicy up your classes then give this one a try you will see your people with a big smile on their face!!!Peace,love and ZUMBA ZUMBA ZUMBA!!!




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xoxo Kalliope