Extreme Fat Loss Fast

Hello my lovely people, sooooo my weekly vlogs are back! Missed them? I am planning to film every two days and upload the next day. So there will be a vlog every second day. In each vlog I will try to analyze either workout methods and diet strategies or even both. So stay tuned! But […]

Get Those Pounds Off Fast

Hello sunshines, how is your life so far? I started uni again!!! Hoorayyy or not hooorayyy ! In general I love being busy. I am that kind of person that cannot just sit down and relax. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t support this or not every time at least ( cause hard work […]

How To Get Into Running Again

Hello lovelies, aw I know you probably didn’t like the title at all or you loved it. This is the thing with running, either you love it or you hate it! If you ask me, I don’t like the word ”hate”, I wouldn’t tell it to anyone or anything, but running is definitely not my […]

2Activelab Express #1 Sweat The Fat Out

Hello my lovely people, long time without a workout. But since it is the start of a new season aka. September we are here with new ideas and workout plans. So from now on and every week we will post a 2Activelab Express workout. I won’t lie it will be a hard one, but totally […]