10 Funny Reasons To Love Cardio

Hey guys, how is your week so far? In the previous post we discussed about Exercise and Time and we finally realized that quality is more important than time. So you can have a rocking workout in less time than you think. Hooray! Today’s post is all about cardio but from a different point of view. […]

3 Cardio Tabata Workouts For Crazy Fat Burn

fatburn Hey 2activelabers, #domeatabata Thursday and we are ready to sweat!There are many kinds of tabata workouts with different goals and results.Today we will focus only in improving our cardiovascular system and burn some extra calories.Many people ask me what kind of cardio to do, instead of running, to burn the same amount of calories.Well […]

HIIT It With A Jump Rope

Hello guys, middle of the week today!How are things going?I hope well!Today it is all about our favorite childhood game – jump rope!If we knew how powerful and effective it is we would never stop it!Why is jump roping so effective?Because….you burn like crazy,you tone your upper and lower body at the same time and […]