How To Dance Dale Papi

Hey guys, another dancing post!I can’t get enough of them!I am sure many of you want another warrior workout but for me dancing is a very effective cardio one!Also it is a really good anti-stress method!You turn on the music and boom – you move – you smile and forget all your problems….so easy!Furthermore you […]

5 Must Do Workouts For Weightloss

Hello guys, I was searching all week long in pinterest to find the 5 most effective workouts for weightloss.And….finally I found my top 5!I hope these workouts will be inspiring and helpful!Give them a try! 1.www.skinnymom.comΒ Β  At-Home Circuit Workout: Burn 500 Calories Fast 500 Calorie Treadmill Workout 5 Calorie Blasting, Body […]