Twerkout – The New Fitnesstrend

Hello my 2activepeople, today it is all about booty.So do you twerk?You can see more and more twerking videos popping up at Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook.I feel like every girl is twerking nowadays and I am gonna introduce you the best of them.But let’s take it step by step.First of all I twerk and I […]

How To Dance Dale Papi

Hey guys, another dancing post!I can’t get enough of them!I am sure many of you want another warrior workout but for me dancing is a very effective cardio one!Also it is a really good anti-stress method!You turn on the music and boom – you move – you smile and forget all your problems….so easy!Furthermore you […]

5 Must Do Workouts For Weightloss

Hello guys, I was searching all week long in pinterest to find the 5 most effective workouts for weightloss.And….finally I found my top 5!I hope these workouts will be inspiring and helpful!Give them a try! 1.www.skinnymom.comΒ Β  At-Home Circuit Workout: Burn 500 Calories Fast 500 Calorie Treadmill Workout 5 Calorie Blasting, Body […]