How To Get Into Running Again

Hello lovelies, aw I know you probably didn’t like the title at all or you loved it. This is the thing with running, either you love it or you hate it! If you ask me, I don’t like the word ”hate”, I wouldn’t tell it to anyone or anything, but running is definitely not my […]

How To Run A Marathon Like A Pro

Hello guys, long time without a post! Yeah, life can be tough sometimes! Exams, work, your dog that has digestive problems, I am sure you understand. As you know ( or you don’t ) I work as a fitness coach in The Village Hotel Swansea, it is a VIP gym and I am more than […]

”Running in Wales” Part 1

Hello Folks, what can be a bigger push or motivation to start running than a marathon?It doesn’t matter if it is a half marathon, 10k or a runfest, the point is that you will start moving and oh yes! challenge yourself.You don’t like challenges?Well I sugggest you start love them – you will learn things […]

5 Funny Tips For Running

Hello my 2activepeople, well I can imagine your faces right now!I know what you are thinking (except you are a marathon lover) ”Running can’t be fun!!!!No way!!!!”. After so many years of working out I have found my ways to actually enjoy it, even if I have the ”I just wanna run only to my […]