2Activelab Express #1 Sweat The Fat Out

Hello my lovely people, long time without a workout. But since it is the start of a new season aka. September we are here with new ideas and workout plans. So from now on and every week we will post a 2Activelab Express workout. I won’t lie it will be a hard one, but totally […]

1000 Squat Challenge

What do you mean 1000 squats??? 1000, 1000, 1000 I don’t know if it is easy or difficult for you but I am so proud. I completed 1000 squats in 21-22′. How it started? It was like those days you feel everything is pointless and boring. The same routine, the same people, the same music, […]

CoffeeTalk #2 – Exercise And Time

Hey my 2activepeople, Monday today !!! We will start our week with a very controversial issue Exercise and Time – the more time we spend exercising the better? Or is it the opposite. First of all I need to say that everything depends on your goals, on your fitness level and on your daily habits. […]

Happy Birthday Workout

Hey guys, as you noticed I didn’t post anything yesterday because….I spend all day in bed!It was my birthday on Sunday-yes! on Valentine’s Day and it was a very exhausting and full of love day! I experienced a traditional Welsh Birthday cake tea!It was amazing!My very good and lovely friend Wendy organized it and it […]