Beachy Express Workout For Weightloss

Hey guys, how was your weekend?I am finally back home and it feels I have been gone for ages.So many things to do,so many e-mails to answer,appointments,meetings oh God!I will survive!It is good to take some time off so as to relax,to see your family and friends and to be honest?Just to enjoy doing nothing!This […]

The Go Strong Workout

Hello 2activepeople, it’s middle of the week so how’s your progress so far?In this period of my fit life I am experimenting with many workout routines and analyzing the results.Of course everything is based on my body reaction so keep in mind that not every workout plan suits to everyone.Normally in the first two weeks […]

Boobs Up

Hey guys, how was your weekend?Super?I had so much fun exploring Wales so no workout for today but later this week!I saw many pictures of you with the hashtag #ihateworkingout and I loved them all!!!I will post some of them at the end of this month!Moreover I want to encourage you to contact me for […]

3 Super Effective Tips For Muscle Growth

Hey guys, one of the hottest fitness themes today on the blog.Muscle grow!We can see day by day more and more people care about their bodies and  focus on bodybuilding.The most frequent question that comes up is ”how to develop my muscles more quickly and safely” and more specific? How can I transform myself from […]