Beachy Express Workout For Weightloss

Hey guys, how was your weekend?I am finally back home and it feels I have been gone for ages.So many things to do,so many e-mails to answer,appointments,meetings oh God!I will survive!It is good to take some time off so as to relax,to see your family and friends and to be honest?Just to enjoy doing nothing!This […]

Get Keto Fit

Hey my 2activepeople, big day today for me!I finally decided to go for the Keto Diet !They say once you do it you never come back hmm we’ll see.I was so terrified about it because I love carbs and I had always the opinion that our body needs everything in moderation.What made me change my […]

HIIT It With A Jump Rope

Hello guys, middle of the week today!How are things going?I hope well!Today it is all about our favorite childhood game – jump rope!If we knew how powerful and effective it is we would never stop it!Why is jump roping so effective?Because….you burn like crazy,you tone your upper and lower body at the same time and […]

Big Fatty Legs?The Solution

Hey guys, how are you?October is here!Well my life is a little bit of crazy right now but I will find my way eventually(hope so!).New things to learn , new routine , new people.I don’t exactly know how to feel and behave and that’s why I am just keep going.   Life Rule #6# Life […]