Get Keto Fit

Hey my 2activepeople, big day today for me!I finally decided to go for the Keto Diet !They say once you do it you never come back hmm we’ll see.I was so terrified about it because I love carbs and I had always the opinion that our body needs everything in moderation.What made me change my […]

The Keto Diet – Diet or Lifestyle?

Hey guys, today I want to introduce you ”The Keto Diet” – a low carb approach to fat loss.This diet was first used in medicine to control epilepsy in children and now became a very sufficient and effective way to fat loss.Many people adopted it and now its use has turned into a lifestyle. What […]

5 Protein Mistakes You Have Been Making

Protein is the key to a fitter, leaner, stronger youβ€”but that’s only if you are eating it right. Unfortunately, most women aren’t. We chatted with nutritionist Rania Batayneh, M.P.H., owner of Essential Nutrition For You nutrition consulting firm, about the most common protein mistakes she sees women make. How many of them are holding you […]

Super Belly Fat Killer Diet

Hey guys, I am sure that all of you know what to eat….but sometimes we need a little guidance!Here is a very easy diet to follow.It will boost your metabolism and help you burn that belly fat.Just perfect!     Super Metabolism Boosting Diet Day 1 Breakfast : omelette with two eggs , 1 cup […]