3 Superfoods You Must Know

Hey guys, how are you?I hope your week is full of good suprises!!!Lately many people text me and ask me what to do and how to start their fitness journey (for more detailed informations check out The Ultimate Fitness Guide For Beginners  here). First of all don’t be afraid all of us have to start […]

Juice PLUS+ Review

Hey guys, finally Friday uhh my exams start this Monday and I am getting a panic attack every hour.It seems that studying at 26 is a difficult task, I should have a baby instead (Kidding!!!I hope my mum won’t see this!!!).Somewhere between studying and work I found some time to introduce you this wonderful company Juice […]

Eat Your Pop Corn With No Regrets

Hello guys, super snack recipe today from our favorite Greekista  !Pop Corn from cauliflower!Hoorayyyyy       Greekista is an architect interior designer  with an extremely big talent for DIY and good food.We asked her for a super healthy snack and this is what she made.   Pop Corn from Cauliflower When you need to take […]

Disappear The Period Pain In 3 Minutes

Hello girls, happy Friday!Womens’ talk-Period pain!Most of you are asking me if they can train when they have their period!A really good question!We will analyze everything today and learn 3 super stretches that will disappear the period pain in 3 minutes!Hooooorayy!!!         A Few Words Your period is your body’s way of […]