2Activelab Express #1 Sweat The Fat Out

Hello my lovely people,

long time without a workout. But since it is the start of a new season aka. September we are here with new ideas and workout plans. So from now on and every week we will post a 2Activelab Express workout. I won’t lie it will be a hard one, but totally worth it. You will be able to do these workouts anywhere you want, cause the only thing you need is your bodyweight. These workouts are for you that don’t have the precious amount of time to go to the gym, you travel a lot, you have a baby or you just can’t handle a full of sweaty people gym. No problem! But it is also for you who love challenges and need something strong and to the point workout that will make your heart jump and scream for mercy. I hope I didn’t scare you. After all you know that I love you! πŸ™‚

So this workout contains many moves, 7 , but they are really easy to follow! I explain also everything you need to know in the video! So make sure you watch it a couple of times while you are in the toilet or cook dinner. Convenient? Yap! You have to do a mini circle of 1 rep of each exercise and do this circle as many times as you can in a certain amount of time. I suggest 10-15 minutes but it depends on your fitness level, your time and will.

Try to pause as less as you can and write down your score, so the next time you persue to do this workout the only thing you have to do is beat your score. Nasty? Yes but it works. We all have a little competitive devil insight us. Ok back to the workout…

The Exercises:

1. Tuck Jump: Make sure if you decide to jump to land safely, like a cat, on the ground. Otherwise you will hurt your knees. Keep your body in a natural form with your back straight. Try to look straight. Of course as higher you jump the better ( and harder ) it is. A clap on your knees is also fun to do!

2. Burpees: You will do the first half – first and complete the rest after some exercises. No problem! You know what to do. Starte with a squat, touch the ground with your hands and extend your legs. Your posture is really important so 1st if you don’t feel confident do it slower and 2nd try to keep your back straight and your knees should not exceed your toes when you squat.

3. Mountain Climbers:Β Alternate legs + Push up : This is not that difficult as it looks. Keep your spine in its natural form and your glutes low, perform the moves with your legs as controlled as you can and if you feel confident do a push up. Otherwise you can put your knees on the ground and with the same posture and do a push up.

4. 4 Plank Jacks: Go to the plank position and open – close your legs 4 times. While you jump try to keep your posture right. Back straight and glutes down. If you don’t feel like jumping stay at the plank position and count to 8. If it is easy for you perform the exercise with your hands extended. As always don’t lock your elbows but keep them a little bit bended to avoid injuries.

5. Plank with side kicks: Go to the plank position and try to kick to the side without changing your posture. If you feel that this is a hard thing to do raise your leg as much as it feels right. If you are strong enough you can do also push ups while you kick.

6. Crab toe touch: Go to the crab position. Hands right under your shoulders and glutes as high as you can. If your wrists hurt, try either to release the pain with small breaks. Now from this point your left hand is trying to touch your right toe and the opposite. If this is too hard just bring each leg at a time to your chest while focusing on your lower abs.

7. Crab Kicks: You don’t change position but this time you kick each leg as high and as fast as you can. Again if you feel too much tense on your wrists try to have some breaks.

2Activelab Express #1 Sweat The Fat Out


If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and let me know if you liked it!

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