Dancing Fever

Hello my active people,

today is inspiration day!I want to show you my life passion dancing.If I should name my life it would be Dancing Fever


Dancing Fewer-Zumba Fitness Choreo by 2activelab



I dance for many reason….some of them are

1. It is my job (I am a Zumba Fitness Instructor , Masala Bhangra Ambassador & Dance Aerobic Instructor) and I love it.

2.You burn so many calories without feeling it because you are having fun.

3.You are having fun.


5.Anti-Stress Method.

6.Clears Your Mind.



[highlight]Going Through feat Πάνος Κιάμος-Δυό Μάτια Μπλέ-Zumba Fitness Choreo[/highlight]


Do you dance?I would love to here about your experience….



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