Disaster day, Superdrug Haul + Giveaway

Hey guys,

how are you? Your girl is getting it! After my last filming and editing I feel so amazing. It is the first time I feel confident of my English and how I look on camera and everything. I am sure you are reading this and say ” Oh come on girl relax! ”, but people can be really judgemental out there. And I can’t deal with that.

Personally I also judge. Wether I realize that or not that moment tons of thoughts are hitting my mind. On the other hand a healthy critical thinking is that what will bring progress and development ( personal or social ). Therefor I am trying to make peace with all these thoughts, after all it is my decision to put myself out there ready to be judged and criticized.

I could make a whole post for that but today’s blog is totally different! It is my first youtube haul! Hooray! If you wanna see any particular video ideas let me know in the comments and I will do it.

Also for your safety when you buy goodies or services from the internet use only paypal and don’t let your computer hold your card details. I explain more in the video.

Enjoy the video!

Disaster day, Superdrug Haul + Giveaway




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