How Electrolyte Water Helps You Keep Hydrated During Summer Workouts [+ GIVEAWAY!]

How using electrolyte add-in to your water can benefit your workouts and your chance to WIN a 1-month supply of elete Holistic Hydrate and a Chilly’s water bottle!

Making sure you drink extra water during the summer months is one thing, but keeping hydrated during your summer workout is another. Working out in the summer months means more sweating, and not only do we lose liquid when we sweat, we lose valuable minerals that keep our body in balance to function properly. Natural electrolyte add-ins help maintain that balance, meaning more productive workouts and a better summer bod!

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What are electrolytes — and why do we need them?

We have all heard of minerals, and electrolytes are minerals in our bodies that are charged. This means that they are in charge of regulating our water balance, acid base and muscle and nerve function. You can read more about the science about what electrolytes are and where they explain the role and function of each individual mineral.  

Having a steady amount of electrolytes is essential for keeping the cells of your body functioning optimally. After all, two thirds of our water is contained within the cells of our body! Maintaining a strong intake of electrolytes also means fewer muscle cramps and better recovery from workouts.

What do electrolytes do for your workout?

Drinking an add-in electrolyte supplement before and after your workout offers many advantages. When you break a sweat working out, you will be losing valuable water through perspiration. This is great to get rid of toxins that have built up, but not so good for the minerals and electrolytes that keep everything running smoothly.

Taking in some electrolytes with a natural source of glycogen, such as some fruit, can mean your muscles have the electrolytes needed for the communication to your cells. This provides consistent energy for the cells, enabling you to handle stress better and increase your cardio. The small amount of natural glycogen will offer some mental energy and fuel the muscles.

After your workout, it’s not just about recovery for your muscles, but also for your brain and organs, where your body looks for glycogen to keep you going. Drinking electrolytes after your workout means the cells will be adequately prepared to deal with the recovery period. The body is in hyper-repair mode for up to 6 hours post-workout, so making sure you are well hydrated after your workout ensures those vital communication systems are at 100% performance.

You can even make a post-workout shake with elete Holistic Hydration drops, hemp, rice and pea protein with some fruit on the side to aid your recovery. Yum! 🙂

The benefits of using natural electrolyte add-in

You’re rushing from work to the gym or meeting your friends for a run. Grabbing a usual, popular sports drink is easy enough — but is it worth it?

It is true that your body needs glycogen to perform. However the quality of that glycogen is important. Reaching for sugar-loaded commercial drinks may seem like the best idea, but they can do more harm than good. You want to be hydrated, so taking in some of the sugar levels found in popular sports drinks will actually dehydrate you more and rob you of the minerals you are trying to get in. Sounds a bit counterproductive, right?

Using all natural add-ins such as elete Holistic Hydrate means you can control what goes in and keep unnecessary additions out. elete’s Holistic Hydration drops come in a variety of sizes so you could keep one in your kit bag or mix it into some water or pure grape juice ahead of time.

Taking the first step to getting in shape and healthy is always the hardest. From there, it can only get easier! Add elete Holistic Hydration drops to your regime to go even further. Feel brighter, fresher and stronger with every workout.

How do you keep hydrated during your summer workouts? Share your hydration workout tips in the comments below.

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