Elena Paparizou – Fiesta ( Greek&English Version) Zumba Choreo

Hello my lovely people,

today we have a fiesta ( party ) in this blog! What do we celebrate? The fact that we are on this earth still breathing, still alive, still feeling,… Yes, I know. All of us have problems that affect us more than less and in different ways. But let’s take a second and appreciate all the things that were actually given to us. Life is too short to spend our time yammering and complaining. Life is too short to lose opportunities that come into our way. Life is too short to spend time thinking of things and situations that we shouldn’t even think of. Life should be an everyday fiesta. And I don’t mean that we should be drunk and dance all day ( I can keep the dance all day part πŸ™‚ ),I mean that we should be positive and happy with simple things that we already have. So let’s have a fiesta….

Elena Paparizou – Fiesta Β Greek Version Zumba Choreo



Elena Paparizou – Fiesta English Version Zumba Choreo




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