Enrique Iglesias – DUELE EL CORAZON Choreo By 2activelab

Hello sunshines,

I hope I find you in the best mood because today we are dancing. To be honest, when I filmed this video I was super tired and my hair was awefull but who cares? That’s life you cannot be perfect all the time, can you? I have to tell you that when I choose my dancing songs I really have to get a feeling I call ” choreo feeling ”. I have to really like the song or at least imagine me dancing it. So normally I know from the very first moment if I can choreography a song. My choreos are my rythm preferences and as you figured out so far I like strong beats, either they are latin, hip hop or greek pop songs.

Today’s song is the latest hit from Enrique Iglesias and I am 100% sure that everyone loves Enrique. His voice, the feeling you get while listening to his songs is like nothing else. The song’s title isΒ DUELE EL CORAZON and it is very emotional. I hope you enjoy it. It is very easy to follow because the purpose of my choreos is to make you move and burn tons of calories and not exactly to prepare you to be Beyonce’s next dancer. But if you want that I can try – I love challenges. Besides what I told you above I would love to hear what your favorite dancing song is and maybe you inspire my next choreo. That’s all I have for you for today. Peace, Love And Dance. Love you all so much and see you soon.

Enrique Iglesias – DUELE EL CORAZON Choreo By 2activelab


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