Extreme Fat Loss Fast

Hello my lovely people,

sooooo my weekly vlogs are back! Missed them? I am planning to film every two days and upload the next day. So there will be a vlog every second day. In each vlog I will try to analyze either workout methods and diet strategies or even both. So stay tuned! But at the same time I want you to laugh and totally relate with daily problems everyone has.

In this vlog I filmed my must do HIIT Plyometric Workout. It is a killer one and focuses on fast fat loss. So if you add this workout in your routine 3-4 times per week, eat a little bit cleaner and maybe protein based ( if you can handle this ) you will definitely lose a significant amount of fat in the first two weeks.

Also a plyometric workout before your leg training is an amazing choice. I talk all about it here .

Extreme Fat Loss Fast


What do you do for fat loss? I would love to know!

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