Fast Speedworkout for Beginners

Hello 2 activepeople,

running day today and is all about speedworkout.



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Research suggests that 30-second to five-minute bursts of intense exercise interspersed with rest periods will yield unique physiological changes—from faster fat loss and better blood sugar control to improved blood vessel function—that slow runs cannot deliver as efficiently.When it comes to these benefitsinterval training is at least equal to and often superior to your traditional steady run and it doesn’t have to be an elite-athlete-type workout to be effective.
Picking up the pace periodically can also make your everyday runs feel easier, improve your running form, and foster “mental toughness” .Plus, for those who have trouble fitting in workouts, speed-work can provide a wealth of benefits in a short time.
Still hesitant? What’s your excuse? ROCK IT NOW

Warm up for 15 minutes

Then run 30” up to 90% of your endurance

Walk or jog for 2 minutes and repeat another 6-9 times.




the fast speedworkout