Happy Birthday Workout

Hey guys,

as you noticed I didn’t post anything yesterday because….I spend all day in bed!It was my birthday on Sunday-yes! on Valentine’s Day and it was a very exhausting and full of love day!

I experienced a traditional Welsh Birthday cake tea!It was amazing!My very good and lovely friend Wendy organized it and it was so much fun.A bottle of Champaign was waiting for me when I arrived and a table full of delicious food and sweets!I left her house happy and with my stomach ready to explode.

So…happy birthday to me, I am officially 27!I can even split it out.To be honest I have an age issue, while I feel younger and more active each year the number grows and I can’t stop it haha!But then I try to think more mature and very deep inside me I know that there is nothing wrong with getting older.

Before my Birthday Cake Tea I had a very short , easy and effective workout.Normally I have my rest day on Wednesdays so I didn’t want to skip Sunday’s workout but I didn’t want also to go hard!Let’s see myΒ Happy Birthday Workout in more details.


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Happy Birthday Workout

4 exercises – 4 circles

1st Circle : Work for each exercise 1′

2nd Circle : Work for each exercise 45”

3rd Circle : Work for each exercise 30”

4th Circle : Work for each exercise 15”

Rest Time between the exercises: 20”

Rest Time between the circles: 30”

Watch the video and try the exercises first, I provide also an easier version.If you are a beginner try the easier version and then move to the next level.

Do a warm up first and a stretching routine after it!

If you have any questions comment below and I will come back to you.



That was all have a great rest of your week and don’t forget….Do Your Best To Get Your Best!

xoxo Kalliope!!!