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how was your weekend?Monday today!3 days before Christmas and 10 before 2016 arrives.Yupiii!No workout today but a little inspiration.You know the days that you are really bored and search the instagram for no reason!That’s how I found Crystal Bargholz and her rocking instagram page.It was obvious that she was posting Yoga poses and all about her healthy lifestyle but in a so artistic!!! way that I spend hours watching her photos and the way she is connected with nature.If you want to know all about Crystal and the way she combines art,yoga and nature continue reading the interview….



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A few words about you…

Born in Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton , my family and I returned east to Ontario to be surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins & grandparents. Growing up in Ontario I spent a lot of time canoe tripping, lifeguarding and on the ski hill both as an instructor & for pure fun! I played around with photography & poetry…after high school & life guarding at a beach for a summer I felt I had accomplished my little kid dreams & so looked to the next set: out west. My love of skiing and my hometown sparked curiousity so, my best friend at the time and I made plans to get out to Alberta. Best call, so far in my life! We found our loves, we each are married with 3 kids. We accidentally hit the jackpot!!!



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Wow !This sounds so adventurous!Through your pictures everyone can feel the way you are connected with Yoga.When did you first started yoga and why?

For me it’s actually tricky to answer this, just because I feel my practice has been a returning to yoga. It reminds me of some forgotten things. As a child growing up in a strict religious home I was instructed to not do yoga. I think times have changed & opinions continue to evolve (very exciting!!!). I consciously youtubed yoga vlogs/classes in 2012 because I felt a lacking in my other excersize. I was in boxing throughout high school & my running pulled me through until this time but there was still some engagement I was missing. So, after the first experience I felt a little lost, a little excited & absolutely hooked.



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It looks like you have natural talent in it!What kind of yoga do you do and why did you choose this?

My regular practice is very asana (posture) based, I am attempting to add more seated meditation…so hopefully that becomes more  regular! I chose vinyasa (movement connected to breath) as it gives my mind a focus (the breath) and the body a master. There are a wide range of practices. Honestly, I haven’t met a style I didn’t learn from. In Calgary, where I now live, a lot of the lineages like Iyengar and Ashtanga are offered alongside vinyasa classes which is great for trying new things out if you are up for it. One of my juiciest loves is Yin yoga…very good for teaching stillness to the mind and bringing health to the joints and connective tissues!



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What is Yoga for you?

For me Yoga is both the threshold and building blocks that make me up. Like a song that I know the rhythm and lyrics to. Yoga for me is permission to explore and express these shapes that have been stored and largely dormant my whole life. Through rediscovering these areas of myself I find potential for the surprising…new poses, new variations…letting something evolve. If I know it within myself I feel like it translates outward, always for me…I am an insatiable extrovert, I like how it is permeating into the other areas of my life.



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Many people are afraid of doing yoga because they believe that you have to be super elastic.What is your opinion.

I hear that. A lot! It makes me sad! My opinion is that flexibility can generally be improved, taking into account skeletal differences, factor in time, effort…it can be improved. I see it in myself, I see it in my students, I see it all around me. I think the more rigid the body is the more likely an injury will occur. Maybe from something small that the body will have great difficulty healing from because the muscles and ligaments will be so tight. I think the non-elastic can become more elastic which will improve overall health in the body as well as in the mind. In the end it is just the fear of the unknown, the fear we can affect even in small increments ….something we can eliminate by practicing.



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I totally agree with you!You seem so connected with nature, what does ”nature” mean to you?

To me nature is dirty feet and feeling the weather on your face. The touch of bark and rock under your fingers and big sighs your lungs can’t help but release. I can’t find this in the city! But I get the same sensations from the people I meet.I feel like I am a part of nature, and so are you…we have the same elements and so, I can connect to nature in you & you in me. Wowzas, like a hippy ahaha!! Bu!t this is truly how I feel and think! For real!



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Your figure is perfect, what is your secret?

Well! Ahaha, I …disagree! After 3 kids, gaining over 100lbs with each & nursing them all..this old body really got used for it’s function! But what I want to say is that I always try to feel better than I look.I think carefully about what I eat, drink, make up and soap!I observe the reactions in my body and try to adjust as best as I can. It is hard work that sometimes seems ridiculous, but I really feel like working towards the whole body.Health is the best way to live a really fulfilling life. I’m super motivated by my kids and I want them to go further than me. So I want to learn as much as I can.



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What is really exciting you right now in your work and in your vision of the future of yoga?

Right now I am studying for a massage diploma.I am already excited about the crossovers between yoga and massage therapy. I am not sure where this will lead me but it seems that having this kind of skillset is imperative for future endeavours. I see yoga loving in my neck of the woods…I see keeping the strings of the foundations of yoga being drawn into diverse expressions…the creativity is inspiring!



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Your words are really so motivating…Thank you so much!

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