Dear Fat People 2

Dear Fat people really? REALLY? Is this a new kind of expression like ”Oh hey beautiful!” or ”Dear mum” or whatever?

Hey guys,

you are wondering what this is all about and I am pretty sure you can feel my angry vibes here. I was thinking and talking to myself all day if it is actually right to post this blogpost for many reasons. First of all I am the biggest supporter that every opinion is acceptable, every person has the right to believe whatever he or she wants. But there are limits here! Yes you can believe whatever you want and yes you can express your opinion and support it. But this is your opinion and unless it is a proven theory of Einstein you can have a few doubts or at least accept the fact that some people may disagree.

So you are still confused about my madness, let’s show some light to it.

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5 months ago a very famous Youtuber girl posted a video with the title ”Dear Fat People”. It was a very aggressive and rude ”talking by herself” video that was talking about the Youtuber’s experience in an airplane where, Oh my God!, a disabled overweight passenger sat next to her. We are still worldwide wondering how she survived from this-poor girl! NO! NO! And NO! Exept of the fact that she said a lot of offensive things in order ,as she claimed, to help obese people stop eating and start exercising, her all attitude had a bullying style.

Everyone agrees that this kind of Youtube Channels have an entertaining purpose and especially this girl claims to be a comedian, I have no right to judge her or her job, but the fact is that 10.000.000 people saw this video. And it seems that it was not only me that was shocked.Youtube blocked her video for a while but then it was up again to spread the obese terrorism worldwide.

Have a look…


We get that Nicole has a very nice figure and is in the position to spread the love of skinnyness, but apart from that she is not a dietician, not a fitness coach and not a doctor. There are many reasons that someone can be obese, health issues, eating disorders, low self esteem, depression and so on.It is not that these people just enjoy eating. I know it better because I am dealing with this situation daily in my family. It actually doesn’t work like Nicole says. If you tell someone all the time ”Oh you are fat”, ”Oh you have to lose weight”, Β ”Oh you will die if you continue like this” , this person will eat more and make his situation even worse. It is actually a fact that obesity is an illness and not just bad choices. And no matter how fat, or ugly, or height, or colour, or gender, or nationality someone is you have no right to judge him or offend him. It is not your job and especially if you have the power to spread a message to so many people like Nicole does, you just don’t do this. Or if your truly purpose is to help people you will find a more polite, kind and respectful way to do that.

So after this Dear Fat People video Nicole became more and more famous until this fame started to fade. Of course she found another way to get her back – a second part of Dear Fat People. So isn’t this a cry of attention? After all these bad comments and hate she didn’t get her lesson but showed us on our face that she doesn’t care about anyone.

Have a look…

In this video the biggest issue is a plus size model advertising a swimsuit. ”Oh my God how dares she!”

I will not discuss more her video or how she affected the lives of overweight people. I want to spread my own message.

It is wiser to judge ourselves first and try to correct our own mistakes or bad habits, to start talking about others’ problems. Furthermore we are not animals but humans and part of our humanity is to love and respect first ourselves and then everyone that coexists with us in this planet. A problem is a problem not because we call it so but because it is a situation that needs effort and planning to get solved. So the best way to help get a problem solved is to get the appropriate knowledge, if you don’t have the knowledge just don’t get involved.

Now that I talked about this my smile is back again and don’t forget that a new week starts with lot’s of new opportunities and new experiences. So isn’t it better to start your week with love? I truly believe that if your are full of kindness, love and good actions life will give you the same actions back. Go out there and smile to everyone, help an old woman to carry her bags or cross the road, call a friend and say how much you missed him, call your parents and say ”I love you”, give your friend a big hug, treat your dog with his favorite food or find YOUR way to express your love. It is much more easier to smile and to love than to hate and offend.

This was from me,

thank you so much for stopping by,

xoxo Kalliope!