The Stars Workout

Hello myΒ 2activepeople,

I am so happy today! I did some research on how to be fit like a star and found their must do 6 – exercises.Hooray! Well , most Hollywood Stars were not born with super sexy perfect bodies and there are times they look the opposite. But when they take a part in a movie they transform themselves in no time. How do they accomplish that? With ”The Stars Workout”. This workout is the answer on how to be fit like a star. So are you ready to try the stars workout?

The Stars Workout

1. Crab Walk 4 x 20”

Set one meter distance – get your position, glutes – legs up , core tight , arms under your shoulders and try to walk (without changing your position) front and back for 20” 4 times.

2. V Pull Towel 3 x 12

Extend your legs basin wide and your hands shoulder wide holding a towel.Raise your legs , squeeze your glutes and pull your hands back.Try to engage your back and not your hands.

3. Push ups 3 x 12

Keep your hands under your shoulders and your core tight.Try to engage isometric all your body.Keep your spine and your neck in a neutral position.

4. Side Push Ups 3 x 12

Keep your core tight and your body straight.The power has to come only from your hands.

5. Kick Knee Bend 3 x 12 Each Leg

Keep your body straight and engage your core as you kick to the side and then bend your knee.Work both legs.

6. V – Hug Up 4 x 12

Raise your legs 90 degrees and go up so as you want to hug your knees , then get to the V position with your hands extended .Do a crunch and go down again.









If you want to get fit like a star easy and fast do the stars workout 3 – 4 times per week and you won’t believe the results.

See you in my next post,

xo Kalliope.