How To Date A Fit Girl

Hello my active people,

after 9 days away from home and my lovely cooking,I look like crazy; complaining and yammering about the shit(oops!) I eat and the days I didn’t got the chance to work out.My sister is like ”Oh common relax…” and I am like ”Grrrr I want to kill you,this hotel has not a gym why are we paying it!!!!!”.That’s how I came up with today’s post …



Being a fit girl is a very tough thing.You have to plan your diet and spend hours preparing your meals.Furthermore, the time you spend in the gym is the most important thing of your day and your sleep of course.So dating that kind of girl is tough.He are some tips to help you out.


-Train with her or for her.

-Cook her something healthy and delicious or her favorite meal.

-Help her with her obligations so as she gets more time for gym, you and sleep.

-Do a reaserch for the perfect running or gym shoes-she will appreciate that.

-Invite her for a pic nic in the woods than a drinking to death alcohol party.

-Read about the new fitness trends and tell her about that.

-Be her bus to the gym so as to spend more time together.

-Buy her favorite gym gadget (a new headphone,phone armband etc).

-Be proud of her and show it.Motivate her!

-Download her favorite songs and make her a super music list for her workouts-she will be thinking of you during it.




-Never complain about the hours she spends in the gym.

-Respect her dieting habits , she is not crazy about them but puts a really big effort.

-She needs sleep!

-Her muscles are not a dog do not

-Never but never say something about her clothes.

-Drinking?Hmmmm not for her.She is not a party crasher but her abs do not include beer.She can dance all night without alcohol.

-Do not be jealous about her trainer , she loves him for different reasons.

-Training is her life passion so she will talk about it all the time-you have to listen!

-Avoid saying something bad about her body-she is trying hard to fix it!

-No holidays without working out-keep this in mind!


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