Summer Body Concept

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August is here…no worries we have another month to enjoy the good weather and have this perfect summer mood.Here in Greece the temperature reached its highest and if you don’t have an air condition in your house you are melting to death.Well , as you see I am not resting.New workout today!Hooray!Some would say it is a girly one , because it focuses on our glutes mostly but here’s a secret we girls also love men with a good feedback there.So no excuses guys , at home nobody watches!

I usually use these exercises in my ”Brazilian Butt” classes and they totally work (Brazilian?Yes I know it is funny).It is an easy workout routine with nice and slow moves.The point here is to feel the tense of each muscle and to make sure on your own that you are working it.As I say it isn’t enough to raise your leg but also feel your glutes squeezing.

I am sure you also noticed how nervous I am – still after 40 videos words come very shy out of my mouth.Some of you will think this is cute and some others will just laugh.I am also laughing at myself-it is soooo funny to watch yourself after a shooting…But life is to short to get stressed with these things!It will finally get better.


Summer Body Concept


Back to the workout….I named it the Summer Body Concept because all of us want to look sexy and lean in our swimsuits and summer clothes.So if you were wondering how to get a perfect butt and a strong core here is the answer!

Of course before all your workouts you have to prepare yourself with a warm up – now that the temperature is high 5 minutes are enough and a stretching after!I hope you enjoy my Summer Body Concept.Let me know in the comments if you liked it.


Summer Body Concept




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PS:  I hope you like the view in the video , it is from the center of Thessaloniki and if you focus you will also see the ”White Tower”.