How To Get Into Running Again

Hello lovelies,

aw I know you probably didn’t like the title at all or you loved it. This is the thing with running, either you love it or you hate it! If you ask me, I don’t like the word ”hate”, I wouldn’t tell it to anyone or anything, but running is definitely not my boo!

Last year I tried hard for a couple of weeks to train for a marathon, then I got ill and that was it my excuse! So I embarrassed myself of not holding my word but I still couldn’t get into it.

Now, running is my must go for shredding and fat loss. Unfortunately it is the only thing that tickles my heart rate and helps me burn calories. With that saying I run at least half an hour per day. So I get really excited when the weather is nice and I can enjoy a run next to the beach. Especially on early hours, with a fresh breeze of ocean. But I survive also the treadmill if I have to.

If you haven’t run for a long time, now it is the time to start. New season, new goals, new opportunities! Summer is over and everyone is looking for a new hobby or something that can make his Winter more fun. Maybe running is not what you were thinking but it can add a spicy flavor on your everyday routine. Plus your body next summer will be leaner, sexier and healthier.

If you are still reading this posts chances are you definitely want to start running. So check out the video and let’s go! Together we can!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day,