5 Workouts That Will Help You Get Over Your Break Up


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how is your week so far? I hope wonderful. From the title I am sure that you figured out what is coming. Wether you just ended a relationship or are very stressed, it doesn’t really matter, these 5 workouts will make you feel strong, confident and happy again. Why? Let’s see…

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#1 Boxercise

From the title you can tell that this class is all about boxing. You will punch, kick, hit, jump and burn tons of calories. For sure, a boxercise class is very demanding ( physically and mentally ). This means that you have to focus on the workout and forget about everything else. Moreover, you will get an amazing physique by toning all your body muscles and lose weight if you stick to a cleaner diet. After 2-3 weeks your ex will dream about you.

#2 Crossfit

It is not news that CrossFit is a beyond limits workout philosophy. Every workout is a new challenge. Time and the power output from the exercise can be your friend or your enemy. For sure there is no time for thinking, yammering or chatting. You have to be focused and prepared for the difficulty that is coming. Don’t be afraid. CrossFit is not only for fitness pros, you will improve gradually. The best part is that you will join a community full of interesting and supportive people. And who knows, maybe your next partner is someone that shares an extreme passion.

#3 Trampoline

If it is the first time you hear about trampoline you don’t know what you miss. The expression ”sky is the limit” is 100% true here. In a trampoline class you are upside down, twenty feet in the air, experiencing a moment of weightlessness. Time will stand still and you will think ”this is how it feels to fly”. statistics have shown that new experiences are more likely to help you get over a difficult situation. Also, the times you will laugh will be probably enough to fuel you with happinness for the rest of the day.

#4 Circus Fitness Classes

No you don’t have to dress up like a clown to be part of this workout. This new activity will make you wait for the next class like a 5-year old for ice cream. You will have the time of your life, learn new moves and impress yourself with what you are capable to do. If you don’t have Circus classes in your area, then try an aerial yoga class, a silk hammock that is extended from the ceiling helps you challenge your core, improve your flexibility and sustain poses that might be out of reach in a traditional yoga class.

#5 Pole Dancing

Be the sexiest version of yourself and feel stronger than ever. Pole dancing may be sexy but not easy for sure. You have to be 100% present in a Pole dancing class and follow the instructor step by step. After a few classes you will build your confidence and explore a variety of new moves you didn’t even know that exist. You will feel so proud of yourself that you will help you move on and see life from a different perspective.

You don’t have to be in a ” I just broke up” mood to try these workouts. Each workout is unique and interesting. So if you are bored of your workout routine and want to try something new. This is it!

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