CoffeeTalk #2 – Exercise And Time

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Monday today !!! We will start our week with a very controversial issue Exercise and Time – the more time we spend exercising the better? Or is it the opposite. First of all I need to say that everything depends on your goals, on your fitness level and on your daily habits. And with daily habits I mean your diet, the hours you sleep and what other activities you do during the day. Everyone is different and an exercise program has different results to each of us. But the truth is that only the 1/4 of your results will come from working out. Most of you will spend hours working out and if someone asks you about your workout you proudly answer that, of course, it takes you a lot of time! But let’s think about it.



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Exercise and Time

Let’s say you are doing 1-2 muscle groups per day. How many exercises would you do? 3-6 ? Ok. How many sets and reps would you do? 3-4 sets and 4-12 reps? So maximum 20” of workout per set? 1′ 20” of workout per exercise? Maximum 8′ of workout?

Let’s say that your rest time is 1-2 minutes. Maximum 42′ of rest Β and if we add everything it makes a total of 50′ hard workout . This is the maximum time you need. So these 8 minutes of workout do your best to get the maximum results.

The other 3/4 of your results come from good exercise planning, diet, sleep and cardio.

Good exercise planning is a totally different story we will discuss in another CoffeeTalk but what I need to say here is that our body needs 2 weeks to adjust to an exercise program, 4 weeks to see the first results and 8 weeks to get used to it. So with this philosophy there is no possibility to get huge results if you exercise without planning. You are not convinced? A muscle group needs maximum 48 hours rest after a hard workout. So if you do for example a ”Bent Over Barbell Raw” the main muscle group you trigger is your middle back, but at the same time you work your shoulders, lats and biceps. Now if the next day you do a shoulder workout, your shoulders won’t have enough time to rebuild. This is the reason you have to plan carefully your workouts and not just come to the gym and do whatever you like.

Diet is the major problem all of us are facing. We wish we could eat anything we want and that carbs were the most important nutrient for fat loss and muscle growth. Unfortunately all the delicious things are high calorie and high fat. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot have tasty meals that will boost your metabolism and give you the maximum energy. If you want maximum results, you have to eat better. Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym.

Sleep is also very important. Why? Mainly because the Human Growth Hormone grows after the first 30-45 minutes of sleep, when the body is in deep sleep. 6- 10 are the hours we need to sleep to help our muscles recover and get bigger and stronger.

Cardio. We may spend hours in weight lifting and focusing on how to get a stronger back, but sometimes we miss the important part of weightloss. While weight lifting will boost your metabolism and requires more hours of energy waste for your body to recover, the workout that will help you get lean is a cardio workout. Plus you cannot care only about how big your muscles are without caring about your heart.

The conclusion in this Exercise and Time CoffeeTalk is that you don’t need to spend hours working out but to focus in your workouts. Spend less time chatting and looking around you and treat every workout as the last workout of your life. And also that your transformation procedure doesn’t stop after your workout, sleep and diet are essential.

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