Me Myself And I

Hello guys,

happy Wednesday.Today’s post is all about me and how to set goals and achieve them.All this time we are talking about fitness, new training methods and workouts that will change you drastically.But have you ever wondered who I am?


Well let’s begin….


My name is Kalliopi and I am from Greece.I am a certified personal trainer with tons of qualifications and a successful group fitness instructor.I love my job and I really cannot imagine myself without doing it.When I first started this job in my country I worked really hard to get a good reputation and a very good salary of course and I did it.But life sometimes has it’s own opinion and I am crazy enough to deal with it.Past March I decided that I want more from my life.I felt like a bird in a cave.Like there was no point any more.And it hit me!I had to move on , to do something different.Many of you will think that I didn’t appreciate all the good things I had.But that’s me , I set goals and once I reach them I have to find new.

So I decided to do a second bachelor and to move to UK.I applied to many Universities and finally I decided to study at Swansea University Chemical Engineering.Don’t ask me why I choosed this course some call it karma , some instinct – I call it life.Yes I have a plan and new goals and I am willing to do everything it takes to achieve them.Studying again is a very difficult task and there are days I just wanna kill myself but then I look around me and I feel blessed to have this opportunity.At the same time I am trying to build my reputation as a trainer again!

Thank God I have this wonderful blog and I can share with you all my love and passion for fitness and wellbeing.Unfortunately the weather doesn’t help for outdoor training and there is not enough light to do proper shootings but I will find my way to serve you top quality workouts , new fitness methods and health tips.Maybe when the sun is up and Swansea looks like paradise!



How To Set New Goals

No matter what age , gender , religion . country ….people are constantly trying for the better.So if you are in a period of your life that you feel like nothing is happening,like there is no hope, no dreams there is the time you have to wake up and move on.The figure you see in the mirror and don’t recognize it, want to change…to breathe again.

It is time for you to remember again your favorite things.Ask yourself :

  • What do I love most?
  • What do I enjoy most doing?
  • What is my favorite movie,book,music?
  • Where is my dream destination?
  • What is my dream job?
  • What was my craziest thought?
  • What are my fears?

Write your answers down and start …

For example I was afraid of the see that a supernatural fishy creature would come and kill me – funny yeah?And that’s how I started diving lessons.I know you got my point here.I can’t tell you what to do , only that Β life needs craziness only weirdos enjoy life.Because they don’t care about what others think , they focus on themselves and how they will be happy.


So wake up tomorrow , wear your best smile and focus on you and yourself.You deserve everything you want !!!Keep this in mind!

Love you all,

xoxo Kalliope