Jason Derulo – ”If it ain’t it love” choreo by 2activelab

Hello guys,

and welcome to ”Dancing Friday” ! So it is official after my ups and downs, I promise to post every Friday a new choreo. And to make it more spicy we will call it ”Dancing Friday”. Why? Because we can! So this week’s song is ”iF IT AIN’T LOVE” from Jason Derulo and I love it. And when I say I love it I mean it. If I don’t love the song I won’t be able to choreography it, that’s how I function. So sometimes it is hard to find something new.

But so far so good, right? It seems that I talk a lot on my own today, but the world is full of weirdos and I like to include also myself to them. Cause life is so boring if you are not crazy enough to live it in its fullest. That means … don’t be afraid to express yourself! You are unique and special the way you are.

Yes that crazy thought? Do it don’t think about it. And if getting a tattoo will make you happy, get it! No, pink hair is not something that will make people stay away from you! Feel like dancing in the street? Who cares people will smile at the end.

Don’t be afraid to be different, to laugh loud, to say your opinion. It is yourself that you are stuck with forever, so make peace with him.

Jason Derulo – ”If it ain’t it love” choreo by 2activelab

That was for today! Thank you so much for stopping by!