KATAMI 4X4 Super Strong Workout

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happy Monday!I hope your weekend was awesome and your are ready for a busy and productive week.Today’s highlight is a new workout that I recently found out and loved it.It’s co-founder is Mr Katami, a famous celebrity trainer, and the workout Β is based on 1′ burst intervals.Not so bad!When it comes to high intensity training you can feel my love for it.You work for less time and get maximum results.That’s why I got excited with this workout.You really work all your body muscles and burn tons of calories.Even if you are in the gaining process , this workout helps you lower your fat% without losing body mass.


Who is Mr Katami?

Paul Katami is a national certified personal fitness trainer, top celebrity instructor and founder of several national fitness programs and working for the #1 fitness brand.

Paul began his professional fitness career at age 19 after making life-changing decisions about diet and exercise that transformed his body from an obese teen to a lean health expert. He has brought his branded β€œKatami techniques” to some of the best gyms, body sculpting clubs and leading industry conferences worldwide.

What is KATAMI 4X4?

Paul Katami’s signature 4×4 Workout is a challenging bootcamp style interval class based on Paul’s sold-out classes in Hollywood. 4×4 takes you through Four Minute Blocks of exercises consisting of One Minute Intervals of Cardio, Lower Body, Upper Body and Core Exercises. The Full-Body, Fast-Paced approach will leave you Breathless with Unmatched Results! Shot in real time with real 4×4 class participants to give you the best spot for this incredible workout.

Check out the video to see more!


But let’s check your workout

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KATAMI 4X4 Super Strong WorkoutΒ 


I changed the structure a little bit for today’s workout so as to get maximum results.

4 exercises ( 1 cardio, 1 lower body, 1 upper body and 1 core exercise )

You will do 1 rep of each exercise non-stop in arow for 1′

20” of rest and repeat another 3 times

I provide also an easy version and a more difficult one where it is possible.So watch the video , do a proper warm up and let’s do it together.

If you are a beginner please try the exercises many times first and then do the workout.If you are doing the easy version and your knees hurt , try to use a towel to protect them.If the pain insists please stop the workout and contact me to talk about it individually.

Who wants to beat and do more circles in 1′?I am waiting for your comments!!!



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