Hey guys,

dancing Friday with Mundo Loco ! This song is from Mega Mix 55. If you are a Zumba Instructor you know what I mean, if not just skip this sentence and dance! :- )

But first of all how is life? September came so quickly that we didn’t even realize that summer is over. There is no need to panic though, let’s sit down and pray for an amazing new season! And I can assure you that it will be totally amazing. Why? If I am positive with a very hard upcoming winter then you can do that. Still not getting the hint? Well the last 24 hours the weather in Swansea Wales changed 100.000.000 times. From hot to cold, to hot again, then it rained, then it was sunny, then it rained like winter hell and now it is just windy. So bless you if you live in a weather friendly country cause I don’t get that. But ( cause there is always a but ), you are the one that decides how your life will be even in difficult situations. I decide to keep going and smile! Now it is your turn to figure out how it will be!

But enough with our coffee talk, let’s dive into the choreo and dance!

The purpose of this choreo is to warm you up before the workout. You can use that in your class, before your workout or before your dance workout. It is amazing. I structured it that way that all your muscle groups will start working slowly and your heart rate will reach the desired pump to keep working out!



Thank you so much for stopping by!

What’s your favorite warm up at the moment? I would love to know.

Peace, Love, Zumba





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