The New Game That Is Taking Off Across The UK

When I was little, I was definitely not what you would say a normal girl. Instead of playing with my dolls and drawing hearts and flowers, I preferred to be in the park and play with the boys. My clothes were always too big for my size and covered with dirt. ‘Cause when you play football it is 99% sure that you will fall. But I didn’t mind! I always found sitting in my room boring and since I was raised surrounded by boys, I played and behaved pretty much like them.

Don’t get me wrong here, I loved it! I was all day playing at the park, running and kicking a ball. This is the reason I think I became so athletic while growing up. And I still believe that this is healthier than staying all day at your room playing with your dolls or watching movies.

Kids nowadays are bombarded with technology that evolves their brain ( have you seen these new games? You need to be Einstein to win them!) but not their bodies. And this goes also for the adults. Even when I am with my friends we prefer to watch a movie than do a fun activity. This is why I got excited when I heard of KickDarts.

KickDarts is a new activity that is rocking the UK and that will go viral for sure. It links football and darts and it is more than fun to play. It involves colorful projectiles that are football shaped so as you can see actually where the ball hits and it has no rules. You can make your own!

You can play the game wether you have football experience or not, it doesn’t really matter. The game is created to please football and dart lovers and to get you out of your home. It is a great activity for all ages and you can burn a serious amount of calories. No more cardio on the treadmill. Take your friends and have fun!

It can be also a very fun activity you can do with your whole family. The kids will love it and everyone can get involved. It doesn’t need that much space, so maybe think of getting one for the back yard? It is definitely not that expensive.

Not convinced? Check out the video to see more!


What do you think of KickDarts? Do you like these kind of sports?

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