Otilia – Bilionera Zumba Fitness Choreo By 2Activelab

Hello my lovely people,

”dancing Fridays” are back with Β ”Bilionera” (here comes a clapping sound). To be honest I am not so happy that I have posted an old song that you have probably seen and performed multiple times. But from my experience when a song is good people wanna hear it over and over again. The same is with dancing. I first did this song 2 years ago in Greece and they loved it. Now I am teaching it in Swansea to different people with different cultural and musical background and they love it too. It is amazing how Zumba is the same everywhere! And that is the reason I can’t and won’t stop teaching it.

Otilia – Bilionera Zumba Fitness Choreo By 2Activelab



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