Period And Lifting + New to Vlogging

Hey guys,

how are you? I hope everything is ok with your lives and that you are ready for a little fun, because my first vlog is here!!!

After 1 1/2 year of blogging, filming, editing, writing I realized that it gives me so much joy to share things with you guys, from my workout routines to my life. That’s why I decided to expose myself a little bit with the hope you will laugh ( a lot), learn new things and (maybe) get inspired. So don’t judge me for my first vlog, but feel free to comment your opinion and ask me anything you want if something catches your eye.

Here it is!Enjoy!!!!

Period And Lifting + New to Vlogging


Thank you for stopping by! If you liked my very first vlog give it a BIG thumbs up to encourage me for more!!!!

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xoxo Kalliope